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Monday, September 15, 2014

How to spend 33 Euro in Sephora

It happened that few days ago a friend of mine came in my town so I wanted to let her spend a beautiful day in the stunning streets of Rome. Since we're girls and we love almost the same things I decided to bring her to my favourite street in Rome -Via del Corso-, It is a long street full of shops - I have metioned about this street in another post of mine called "5 places to visit in Rome".

Obviously we stopped in Sephora, at the beginning we entered with the intent to only give a look at some new products, but I ended up going out with a 33 Euro purchase. I have to admit that we stayed in for 1 hour, we tried every single product we were interested about and I picked two things that I think are my best purchase in the last month beauty related.

Benefit they're real push-up liner. I've heard good opinion on this eyeliner, It is easy to apply thanks to its tip. I can't say many things yet on this eyeliner since I used It twice but my first impression was that this is really easy to use and I make the eye line very quickly, you don't have to worry to be precise because It is easier than you think. I payed it for 25 Euro.

Sephora Kiss Me Balm. It is a super moisturizer lip balm that is available in many colous,I choosed the one called soda pop. It smells like coke and it is really good. Since it is a lip balm I thought that the colour wouldn't be so evident but the reality is complitely different. The finish is like a lip gloss, very  hydratating with an high intensity colour. It costs 8 Euro and I think I'm going to buy another one of it in the tint candy apple. My favourite lip balm of the moment.



  1. I really want to try these products. I love They're real mascara and I couldn't get my hands on the EOS lipbalm!

  2. Nice post, great products!


  3. An apple flavoured lip balm sounds perfect! I wonder how different the US and EU Sephoras are...

    Owl Girl | A London lifestyle blog

  4. I think that only some brands change but it is pretty much the same :)

  5. We don't have sephora where I live but I'm hoping to go to Greece soon to visit one of my friends from university so I'm looking for recommendations of what to get. I think I'll probably give the Benefit liner a miss but I really like the sound of the balm, especially from what you said about the scent! xx

    Angelica // One Little Vice



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