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Friday, September 12, 2014

How to repair your hair after summer

I love summer for many reasons like having more free time, wearing shorts and dresses but there are others that I really hate: my hair! The sun really damages my hair that is really dry, my hair color is not so bright as usual and I could continue untill I want.

Days ago, I was surfing on the net looking for a natural treatment that I can make at home - cheaper than the masks that we can buy, easy to prepare and really effective-. I found this little but precious recipe that to reproduce it you will need only two ingredients that of cours you have in your kitchen: olive oil and one egg

You need to simply crack one egg into a bowl and then add 9 tablespoons of olive oil. I've got long hair and the quantity of the mask was enough for me but I recommnd you to make a generous amount of it just to make sure that all your hair will be covered in it. I give you notice that this mask does not smell sooooo good, you know better than me how eggs smell like, If you'd like to you can add some drops of any essential oil you prefere, I got the lavander one that is really good.
I leave it on for half an hour and than I go under the shower, I wash my hair as always with my daily shampoo and sometimes I don't use conditioner because I think that olive oil is a very good natural conditioner!

Your hair will be shiny and softer than ever, You should give it a go :)

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  1. Your hair is so beautiful and looks so healthy.. Just became your 100th follower, congratulations on that mile stone love! Can't wait for more of your posts x


  2. Ooh this sounds like such an amazing treatment, I definitely need to try it xx

    Gemma | missmakeupmagpie.com

  3. Lovely post,dear! :))
    beautylove7694.blogspot.com .

  4. you really should, if you do let me know your results :)

  5. Thank you so much for following me :)

  6. This sounds so interesting I've never heard of doing it before!


  7. It really is, If you try it let me know the result

  8. This sounds great!!! Will definitely be trying this :)

    Layla xx


  9. thanks for stoping by my blog it's so lovely of you , really ! :)

    x Victoria

  10. I well know the olive oil because I come from the south of the France:-) . Unfortunately, that doesn't really work on my hair :/ Then, I found AUSSIE, and it's pretty good for my hair! You certainly know this brand? xx Lily >>> www.fungry.fr



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