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Saturday, August 30, 2014

Yankee candle lover

A new addition of mine can be added to the list. This is not a simple addition to candles, but is a Yankee Candle one! This has started when walking through the shops in my town I smelled a very pleasant scent. This smell came from the first yankee candle shop in Rome! As soon as I stepped in I started sniffing at every candle that was exposed in that shop, I looked like a kid in a candy shop.

My favourite two scents are, as shown in the picture, Vanilla cupcake and baby powder. The first is veeery sweet and as the name says It is a mixture between vanilla and a cupcake. Since I really love sweet scents I realized that I always need a vanilla cupcake candle in my house. The other one, the baby powder is a very delicate fragrance that I really enjoy smelling while studing or while writing a blog post!.

The other day, a girl that works in that shop told me that the perfume of the Tarts are stronger than the candles. So I decided to try them and, guess what? She was right, they really last longer in the air, I just need to burn them a few minutes and then the smell lasts for hours. I said to that girl that the only bother of the tarts is that you have to own a Burner and tea lights. She answers that to avoid this I could buy an electric burner, well girls, trust me, It is a real life changing if you're a tart lover,

Since that day I spent a lot of money in their shop they gave me a white gardenia medium jar for free , I was sooo happy that day!!

Could you recommend me some fragrances you are addicted to?

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  1. Everyone says that Yankee Candle has the best scents, i'll have to get one for myself! x


  2. I've never heard of Yankee Candle, shame on me! I definitely going to check their candles out, I hope they're selling it here in Holland.


  3. I think there is a yankee candle store in Holland as well but you can buy them at their shop online!

  4. I didn't even know they had a white gardenia candle, I love the scent of gardenias so I'll definitely be checking that one out!


  5. You really should even If it is not my favourite scent :)



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