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Friday, August 1, 2014


A girl's hair, in my opinion, is the first thing that shows if a girl loves taking care of herself. I could leave my house without wearing any make up if my hair would be perfect! But when can I say that my hair are perfect? When they are: clean (I hate seeing girls with dirty hair) , shiny, not frizzy, and ordered. Well,  my hair doesn't own all these adjectives but I can make it look beautiful using some hair products.

One day I was in a lush store and I was looking at a product, I asked at the salesgirl what kind of product was it. She answered: It is a shampoo bar. I decided to try one.
I choosed Godiva,  It is a shampoo and a conditioner at the same time, that means that I can wash my hair qicker, It is made up with butters an oils to make your hair softer such as cacao butter, camellia oil and others. I also love the fact that it contains only natural ingredients. When I was using it for the first time I thought that I wasn't washing my hair properly because this shampoo doesn't make suds. As soon as I blow dried It were so refreshed, shiny and soft.
The most incredible thing is that this tiny bar lasts 80 washes and it is perfect while you travel because of its size. When I'll finish it I would like to try Seanik that is a shampoo perfect for summer and Jungle  that is a conditioner that says tame wild hair ( it is perfect for me).

If you try it let me know your opinion. I forgot to tell you that this shampoo smells like heaven :)

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