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Saturday, August 30, 2014

Yankee candle lover


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the scents that will take your breath away


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5 places to visit in rome


Thursday, August 14, 2014


In our life we all dreamt of being a princess someday, especially me. I wished to be one day like cinderella. Now I'm 20, I don't have a prince charming and realized that I don't have any possibility to reach my dream anymore. Sometimes I try to look like cinderella just wearing a beautiful princess dress, obviously only when the occasion requests it .
The best occasions, in my opinion, to show off them, are Proms, Evening Parties and most of all weddings. I know a place, actually a web site, where you can find your princess dress and a lot more. It is called Victoria's Dress.

Prom dresses. Prom is a special event for all the high school students, everyone wants that day to be perfect, starting from the perfect dress. I prefer long prom dresses because I think are more adequate but It is just my opinion. Don't worry girls, this web site is perfect for the short prom dresses lovers too.

I selected my favourite 4:

Evening dresses. For this kind of occasion, I prefer short  cocktail dresses, maybe because If i say evening party, I think about something not too demanding such as beach parties, cocktail parties and so on. If I'm going on an evening event I will defenitely try to wear something , as i said before, short, and not too formal.
In the picture below I selected my favourite 2.

Wedding dresses. Apart from being a princess, every girl dreams, since her early age, to be married one day. We want even every little detail of that day to be perfect. What about the dress? Months and months before our wedding day we are looking for our perfect wedding dress. For example, I'm 20 and I think this day for me is still far away but I already know what kind of dress I would like to wear. A dress with an A-Line silouette like this one below or my second choice would be a beautiful mermaid dress.

Wedding dress of my dreams

What else to say? You should go and check this site out, I put the link again: Victoria's Dresses.
Let me know in the comments below if you like it!




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