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Thursday, July 3, 2014

TO DO LIST \\ July

We're in Julyyyyy. It seems yesterday that june started :( Now I'm all excited because I finished my University exams (yeeeeeey). Now I can concentrate on blogging and doing whatever I love to do: Shopping, watching tv shows, staing on you tube and watching tons of videos hahhahaha Oh I forgot, I got a job too so I can't always do whatever I like xD

To Do List:

1. Go on a holiday with my friends ( we're going to gallipoli, Puglia during the last week of july)
2. Reading books in german (I'm studing German at university and I would like to improve it)
3. Go to the beach
4. Starting a you tube channel (It is not beauty related but I will talk about it later)
5. Spend some time with my grandparents ( I really love them but work and study don't give me the time to       go visit them.
6. Have more entires in my giveaway  ( you can go to my giveaway post here )
7. Try to always smile, no matter what. I'm having an hard period and I'm tring to stay strong.

Thank you for reading
Miki xx

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