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Wednesday, July 9, 2014


After my University exams ended, I can officially say that my summer is started. Nothing is really ready for summer, I need to get my wardrobe into shape, change my staple essentials and i even have to change my eating habits.

1. Water. It is the most important thing you have to carry with you through the whole 3 summer months.When the temperatures rise, getting enough to drink is important whether you’re playing sports, traveling or just sitting in the sun. I drink two liters of water a day even if sometimes when I'm super busy I forget to drink so much (bad).

2. Sunscreen. The second most important summer essential in sunscreen. Since I have got a really pale skin I need to apply a sunscreen with high SPF at least during the first days of exposure. It is fundamental to protect your skin because sun exposure can cause some damages, it is important to understand that may not be visible on your skin until many years after the initial damage occurred. They can be premature ageing of the skin, sun spots and skin cancer. I like to use Hawaiian Tropic Sheer most of all because of its coconut smell, A M A Z I N G.

3. Big Hat. It is my obsession during summer to wear big panama hat. In my wishlist there is this one from ASOS that I really want to own. Other than being super stylish, It helps  to defende your skin face from the sun. Also I like to wear this kind of hat when I'm on a holiday, It makes me feel a real tourist ahah

4. After Sun. It is really important during summer to hydrate your skin after a sunbath or in general. Right now I'm usin the Garnier Ambre solair Aftersun, It gives immediately relief to your skin and hydrates it for 12 hours. (It also has a really good smell yeeeeey)

5. Watermelon . It is not exactly a product but it is another summer essencial of mine. It is rich in vitamine A. We don't have to forget that our skin suffers attacs from eccessive solar radiation, dry atmosphere or lack of moisture. Watermelon helps keep the skin in good conditions, shiny hair and a secure and better suntan.

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  1. my favourite part of summer is all the watermelon i get to eat!

    lots of love | jennifer's journal ♥



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