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Friday, July 11, 2014


This summer I'm trying to eat healthy, It is a goal of my June To Do List . I love eating fruit, especially on summer so I think it will be the main food in my meals.

1.Watermelon. As I mentioned in my Summer Essentials post, I'm a watermelon lover, both for its flavour both because It keeps me full. It also keeps us hydrated and it is a good substitute to water. I found out this tasty watermelon salad recipe and since that moment, I've been obsessed with it, you should give it a go.

2.Tomatoes. Who doesn't love to take a sunbath? Well, if you want to have a perfect tan, we all know that you have to protect your skin from UV rays. Not only we can protect our skin with sun creams but also with food. Tomatoes could give you a little extra protection.

3.Iced tea. During hot days, I love to refresh my self with a big glass of iced tea, especially green tea, my favourite. Studies show that if you drink tea regularly, you may lower your risk of Alzheimer's and diabetes.

4.Blueberries. In addition to iced tea, I love to stay refreshed with a good smoothie, I love the blueberry one and it is super easy to do. Here is a blueberry smoothie recipe that you could try to make. Blueberries are good antioxidants and hel ward off muscle fatigue.

5.Strawberries. They are a dose of vitamine C, antioxidants so that's why they keep our skin healthy. Here you are another smoothie recipe, this time with strawberries.

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