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Sunday, June 15, 2014


Hey gaaaaals.. I decided to start a new serie on my blog: what I ate today. That's why I'm really interested in these kind of post. I love when other bloggers post picture of what they ate because they give me inspiration for my meals. And since it is summer time (even if here in italy is raining now *sad*) I'm bored to eat always the same things, I would like to change my eating habits and I'm not a really creative person so I need inspiration. I try to do this kind of post once I week and I hope you are going to enjoy it.

Breakfast: It is my favourite meal of the day, I can't go through a day without brekfast, It is my fuel. I decided to eat my yogurt with peaches on it (I think next time i will cut little peaces because they were so big hahha) and I put a half of a tea spoon of stevia on top. Really easy and fresh. You can add granola or cereal if you prefere. Ops, I drank a soy milk cappuccino with together with my yogurt.

Lunch: I'm not usually really hungry at lunch. This time I decided to ate a plate of lentils ( I really love them) and a slice of bread with pesto sauce on it, It was delicious, It was an experiment and I think I will make it again. I'm sorry if this lunch is nothing particular but this is what I ate. I forgot to take a picture of my snak but it was really simple, I had a yogurt and some macadamia nuts, I'm really obsessed with them right now.

Dinner: for dinner I had this sandwich with ham and a vegan mayo that I made my self. It is delicious and has less calories compared to the regular one. I think I will do a post about it because I think that a lot of girls will enjoy it.

I hope you will enjoy this kind of post and let me know in the comments below what do you think about it, I really appreciate your comment.

Thanks for reading,
Miki xx

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  1. I'm nosey about everything - so definitely interested!

    For the lentils do you add anything to them when you make them up? I always find them a bit bland.

    Hmm maybe...

  2. I just boil them but not too much, just a few minutes because i don't want to have the to be reduced in a mush. At the end i add jus a little bit of oil and salt (and sometimes pepper) x



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