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Sunday, June 22, 2014


This month I didn't scroll on tumblr so much, I've been busy with my exams that fortunately will end on the 10th of july. I've been lo obsessed with lush products lately, I bought some  new products and I will do some reviews here on my blog. I like the fact that are all fresh homemade products that if we want we can really recreate at home.

I think that this summer must have nail polish for me is the white one. It is bright and simple and paired with the Michael Kors watch in the picture would be the best! I don't usually wear nail polish but for occasions i will chose my faithful white.

Finally summer is arrived and with it summer fruit as well.. I'm really having a watermelon overdose, I'm really addicted and it cannot be explained by words. I love having breakfast with fruit along with a cappuccino *heaven*.

Since it is really hot here in Rome and I cannot live without my long hair I need to style the in top knot or braid, my favourite of all the time. Whether it is fish braid or the classic one, It is my hair must do.

I love having really long walks when it is sunny outside and i really would like to do it with a brand new pair of roshe run, I'm looking for them and I swear that i will be the owner of this lovlely pair soon.

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Miki xx

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  1. Tumblr has such amazing photographs its so says to get some great inspiration from there! Loving the pictures of the fruit smoothies. Best of luck with your exams doll!


  2. Ohh I really need to get back into tumblr, haven't looked at it in agges. Good luck with the rest of your exams too :)

  3. Those strawberry shakes! Yummy!

  4. If you go back to tumblr I tell you in advance that it is addictive :)

  5. I love Tumblr...it's quite addictive though!



  6. Lovely inspiration, I love scrolling through Tumblr! I'm really liking white nails too at the moment, they look so good with a tan x


  7. They do a good contrast with skin :)

  8. nice inspo ;) i love lush cosmetics too, can never resist popping into the store every time i'm near one - you can smell them a mile away!

  9. Yesss, You're right, The first thing I love about lush products is their smell :)



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