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Thursday, June 12, 2014


Before going to bed, I like spending some time for my night routine. Except when I'm super tired and can't wait to go to sleep I like relaxing my self in this way. I take off my make up, apply good mosturizers on my face, brush my teeth. But there's one thing that I dont usually do so often. It is always hard for me to mosturize my hands, actually because I don't even think about it. But one day I found this delicious cream. I say delicious because it smells like cookies&cream and I'm so sorry that i can't make you smell it but it is amazing. As soon as I smelled it I fell in love with it.

It is from essence and I payed it for 2,50 Euro so I couldn't resist. As it is written on the package, It is 100% non greasy and that's what I like the most after the good perfume so I can apply it even in the morning. I usually apply hand mosturizers before going to sleep because I hate having sticky things on my hands.

All the people who smelled it fell in love with it so if you can find it you should give it a go.

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Miki xx

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  1. I always forget about hand cream! This sounds amazing though x


  2. I wonder how the Cookies and cream smells like. No wonder it's your fave!



  3. Do you know how Vanilla cupcake from yankee candle smells like.. It is the same: h e a v e n

  4. OMG! YES! It's my most favorite scent from Yankee candle! <3<3

  5. I know, It is my favorite scent too followed by soft blanket :) I'm obsessed with those candles <3

  6. looks nice, thanks for sharing!

    xx fameliquorlove.blogspot.com



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