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Saturday, May 3, 2014

What has been going on on My Blog: April 2014

I'm not very proud on what has been going on on my blog during the month of April, i didn't blogged so much because i've been busy for my university exams. Besides i got i new job, I work at the colosseum, the main Roman attraction here in Italy ( pat on my back, yeeeeey). But let's talk about my posts that I've been writing during the month of April:

My life through instagram #4 \\ What I've Bought: Nike Blazer Low \\ Lucky us, It didn't rain \\  Happy Easter \\  What Happened This Week \\ Tumblr Inspirations \\

My Favourite Blog of the Month:
I really like her outfit of the day posts, they're really inspirational for me, check her blog out

I'm struggling to do my best on my blog during the month of May since I'm partecipating to the Blog Every Day In May challenge so this month i'm able to remedy at my lack of posts during April.

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