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Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Impulse Buying

Shopping, shopping, shopping. I adore doing shopping, sometimes i spend more money than i got and i don't even know how i do this! Sometimes i walk through shops reminding to my self: don't spend any more money, try to save some. But here's where i found on the shop windows items that are in sale. Real deals, so i'm obliged to enter in the shop doing the opposit thing that my mind was going to remind me.

We are tempted in every place, even on the internet. There are sites like groupon or other like it that are constantly offering good deals. A fish dinner for two at a really good price that you want to buy because it's a bargain even if you don't like eating fish. I could write tons of these examples and I know that right know you're thinking: You're right.

Now i think I have the solution for you. If you really want to save money, Raise is the answer (here). It is a site that not only sell gift cards at a discounted price, but also give you a choice to save. In fact the interesting and innovative thing is that you can also sell your gift cars

I'm interested in H&M gift cards, I'm obsessed with this shop, I think that most of my clothes are from this brand but you can find on that site every brand you prefere.
From clothes to food, from Toys to Travel, the choice is yours!

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  1. Guilty on impulse buying...I'll see something and just get it because it's in front of me!!

    Layla xx




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