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Monday, May 5, 2014

#BEDM Day 5: Sunday Morning Routine

Ok, maybe you're wondering why i chose the picture above as the main photo for this topic. Well, actually it means all my weekend, it represents for me the word relax!  Yes, during weekend especially Sundays, i usually tend to have a relaxing day. Sunday is the day when i usaually take a bath instead of a shower. I really love taking a bath but if i have to do it, I MUST stay in for al least half an hour, i like to chill out in the water watching videos on you tube, reading a book or something! During the week i don't really have much time to take a bath, i prefere doing a quick shower to not waist so much time. Sometimes i work at weekends and that's a crap because between university and work I can't relax even at weekends. But let's start with my routine!

Wake up late. Waking up late is a staple of my Sundays. Since during the week I always wake up early, i love enjoying my bed at least on Sunday. Even when i wake up, i stay some minutes more into my bed checking my instagram, twitter or facebook. 

Breakfast. Even when i wake up really late i need to have breakfast, I think it's my favourite meal of the day, if i have a good breakfast, i will have energy for the entire day, if i do it not, i will be weak throughout the day. i usually have porrige or miel pops with rice or almond milk. I like having my brakfast in front of my computer while checking my blog, bloglovin and so on. 

Before lunch. In this time i usually study, watch tv shows or writing my sunday blog post, it depends on how tired i am (ok, i watch tv shows the most, i'm sincere).

As you can see, i do not usually do so much things during sunday morning, of couse every Sunday is not the same, sometimes i go to my grandma and something like that, but i like my sundays in this way, i think this day has been made for people to relax. 
Michela xx 

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  1. Oh my goodness what I wouldn't do for a bubble bath like that right now!!
    Gi xx



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