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Friday, May 2, 2014

5 favourite posts on my blog

As i said to you on yesterday's post, i'm doing the Blog Every Day In May challenge. It is only the day 2 so i can't already say if it's hard, fun or whatsoever. Today's topic is: What are you 5 favourite posts on your blog. I selected them so let's start!

Our London Trip Part 1: (Link here) I really like travelling, last september i went with my to London, we stayed a week and i really enjoyed it, so much that i can't wait to go back there. At the same time, I like to talk about my travels on my blog, i like to share my emotions, opinions and maybe being able to recommend you some good places to go. There is a second part of this blog post (here). 

Brownies recipe: (Link here) Also i love doing recipes posts because i  love cooking especially desserts and my favourite recipe post on my blog nonetheless is a dessert: Brownies. This is a simple recipe that everyone can do and i  assure you that when it will be done is delicious. So Let's try this!!

What I Purchased: Stradivarius Wallet: (Link here) This is a post in my blog serie "What I Purchased". This time I purchased i new wallet even if i don't usually buy wallets. But in this shop there was this beautiful little floreal springy wallet that was scriming: Michelaaaa, come and take me home with you. So i literally did what it said to me. I wouldn't be more proud of my purchase.

McDonald's Apple Pie Recipe: (Link here): hey folks, here we are with another recipe. I think it is the first that i've ever written on my blog. I have to say that it had a lot of visualizations so it is so important to me. This recipe is easier than the Brownies one and you will need really few ingredients.

My Life Through Instagram #4: (Link here). I love sharing my instagram pictures (since i have an addiction for this social network, who do you think don't have it). I usually do this kind of post once a month because i don't like to be repetitive on my blog topics. 

I hope you enjoyed this post, let me know in the comments below if you are doing the Blog every Day In May challenge so i can read your daily posts.

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