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Monday, April 14, 2014

What I've bought: Nike Blazer Low

Good evening my lovely readers, i apologize for my absence this week but i've been super busy with university but most of all, I found a new job and tomorrow will be my first day and i'm so nervous.

By the way here I am with another post on : What i've bought. This time my money have been spent on this beautiful pair of Nike Blazer Low. I know that many of you would think that the color is too bright, but i confess that i bought these shoes because of its color. Also i was attracted by the brand nike decorated as it is a snakeskin, very particular. They're really comfortable and i didn't expect that :)

I bought them into a Nike Factory Store and they were selling almost all their pair of shoes with a discount of 30% on their original price. That's why i bought these shoes for just 31 Euros. I'm not kidding! Actually my boyfriend bought another pair of shoes for 16 Euros, He made a real deal! My next purchase on nike shoes will be for the Nike Roshe runners I don't know if i want them pink (the same color as the link) or black so i can match them with any kind of clothes! Maybe let me know in the comments below your opinion about it! 

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  1. Loove the green color!!

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