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Saturday, April 19, 2014

Lucky us, it didn't rain

I start saying that i hate the actual weather, one day is sunny and warm, the next one is rainy and cold (like today). That's why me and my friends decided to take advantage of this rare sunny day to have a picnic.

Everithing started because it was a friend of mine's birthday, he turned 21. So he thought: what if we celebrate my birthday with a picnic? We were all excited about this amazing idea, i was happy because we were going to do something really different. The day before, the forecast said that it was a beautiful it were wrong-.- It was a cloudy day but it didn't rain, lucky us :)

We placed ourselves and immediately the boys started playing soccer while the girls were lying on the grass chatting. It was really relaxing. Than at lunch time we started eating. The birthday boy made some delicious meals and i fell in love with the chocolate cake and nutella tart, A M A Z I N G.

We stayed there untill 5 o'clock and i have to say that i got a little tan (Finally). I really had fun and i was happy to have such amazing friends. 

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