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Thursday, April 24, 2014

Tumbl inspiration: March 2014

Hey girls, here i want to share with you some of my tumblr inspirations. I love posting pictures on this social network, it also helps me to have inspirations for my blog posts and my style. If you would like to follow my profile, this is the link (here). These are some of the pictures i posted on March and i like to underline the fact that these are not all the pictures i posted during the past month because i post way to many photos during 30 days.

As you can see, most of all I've been inspired by food, fashion and landscape. I hope you enjoyed my pictures and leave you tumblr link profile in the comments below so i'm able to check your pictures :)

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Monday, April 21, 2014

What happened this week

As you know i'm a big fan of green tea, but this week in particular i drunk a lot of green tea, i can't help it


I can't live a day without watching an episode of my favourite tv show, in this period i'm really obsessed with "The Hart od Dixie". I made a post about my impressions on this tv show, you can read it clicking here. The events are becoming more intricate and i like it.

My boyfriend went to praga with his friends and since he knows that i'm a mug lover he gave me this beautiful one. At the bottom of it there's a little story on Prague.

Me and my friends went on a Picnik, i really had fun with them and i can't wait for the beautiful weather to come to spend the days at the open air. I made a post on this day (here)

Last but not least yesterday was easter, i celebrated with my whole family and i really had fun :) 
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Happy easter

Even if i'm late, happy easter my lovely readers :)

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Lucky us, it didn't rain

I start saying that i hate the actual weather, one day is sunny and warm, the next one is rainy and cold (like today). That's why me and my friends decided to take advantage of this rare sunny day to have a picnic.

Everithing started because it was a friend of mine's birthday, he turned 21. So he thought: what if we celebrate my birthday with a picnic? We were all excited about this amazing idea, i was happy because we were going to do something really different. The day before, the forecast said that it was a beautiful it were wrong-.- It was a cloudy day but it didn't rain, lucky us :)

We placed ourselves and immediately the boys started playing soccer while the girls were lying on the grass chatting. It was really relaxing. Than at lunch time we started eating. The birthday boy made some delicious meals and i fell in love with the chocolate cake and nutella tart, A M A Z I N G.

We stayed there untill 5 o'clock and i have to say that i got a little tan (Finally). I really had fun and i was happy to have such amazing friends. 

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Monday, April 14, 2014

What I've bought: Nike Blazer Low

Good evening my lovely readers, i apologize for my absence this week but i've been super busy with university but most of all, I found a new job and tomorrow will be my first day and i'm so nervous.

By the way here I am with another post on : What i've bought. This time my money have been spent on this beautiful pair of Nike Blazer Low. I know that many of you would think that the color is too bright, but i confess that i bought these shoes because of its color. Also i was attracted by the brand nike decorated as it is a snakeskin, very particular. They're really comfortable and i didn't expect that :)

I bought them into a Nike Factory Store and they were selling almost all their pair of shoes with a discount of 30% on their original price. That's why i bought these shoes for just 31 Euros. I'm not kidding! Actually my boyfriend bought another pair of shoes for 16 Euros, He made a real deal! My next purchase on nike shoes will be for the Nike Roshe runners I don't know if i want them pink (the same color as the link) or black so i can match them with any kind of clothes! Maybe let me know in the comments below your opinion about it! 

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Tuesday, April 8, 2014

My life through instagram #4

The sims 3, my addiction\\ flower my daddy gave me for women's Day\\my friend's horse\\dream jacuzzi\\new make up items\\green tea lover\\kitty\\daisy=spring\\a beautiful sunny day

I'm so happy that sunny days are coming, i can't wait to wear summer dresses and sandals, go to the beach and to get a tan.  By the way these are my latest instagram pictures, i hope you like it and clik here if you want to check "My life through instagram #3".


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Thursday, April 3, 2014

What has been going on on my blog: March'14

This is what has been going on on my blog during the month of March:

Your favourite post of the month has been:

                                                    Homemade organic peanut butter recipe

My favourite blog of the month has been:
Laura Wanders

What is your favourite post of mine?

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