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Thursday, March 20, 2014

Paris or Dublin

I love travelling, i really do. I always say that i would spend all my money doing it. Last year me and my boyfriend went, in September 2013,  to London ( to see my blog posts about it click here and here) that i absolutely adore (i'm thinking about moving there). The weather was perfect: mild, sometimes sunny sometimes not (of course, it's London ahhaha), it was breezy = everything i could ask for! We really enjoyed the 5 days we spent there, we adored visiting every part of the city, taking the tube and chatting with local people (they're really nice!).
Now we are planning to do another trip and we don't know what city to choose. We are uncertain whether to go to Paris or Dublin.

Paris is the city of love, fashion, monuments, baguettes. Tourists think of this city as "the most romantic of all the cities". I would like to take pictures under the Tour Eiffel that has about 6 milion visitors every year, and to have a petit-dejeuner with croissant. I would like to shop in the champs elysess, go to the Louvre that is the most visited art museum in the world but most of all to go to Disneyland Paris that is the main attraction not only for French people but for every people all around the world.

Pictures Source tumblr
Then we have Dublin that is the capital and most populous city of Ireland. Its name derives from the Irish name Dubhlinn that means "black pool". It is considerated as one of Europe's most youthful city, there are many pubs around the city especially in Harcourt Street, Camden Street, Wexford Street and Leeson Street. The best known area for nightlife is Temple Bar. Also the city has numerous shopping districts so i can shop in this city as well. I have to say that even though i never went there, i love Dublin, I feel like i already know it and already love Irish people.

So, What city do i have to choose?? Dublin or Paris.
Michela xx

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