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Thursday, March 13, 2014

#OOTD and more

Here we are again with my first Outfit of the day. First of all excuse me if in this picture my face is really sad, but i'm not good at modeling. I can't stop laughing at this photo. By the way, the outfit is nothing special but comfy. I always use to wear boots and cardigans because are my staples. Maybe in this list i can add leggins too because you have to know that somedays my body refuses to wear trousers and i have to replace them with leggins, i love them, are super comfy ( i think that my wardrobe is all about the word comfortable ahha), some of them are warmer than jeans and i can stay here for hours describing them in a positive way. Also i love to wear t-shirts and cardigans because they are COMFY but at the same time they do a perfect pairing. The shirt and cardigan in the picture above are both from FOREVER21. I bought them during my trip in San Francisco. Shoes instead are from AKIRE' and they are super cheap because i bought them for 20 Euros.

Here i live you with my happy face after my boyfriend gave me this beautiful bunch of mimosa for women's day. I was so surprised :)

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