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Saturday, March 1, 2014


Black and white are my favourite winter colours, they're staple, they can be matched with any colour, they never make you feel to much and i don't know you, but i don't like to wear bright colours during winter. Now i have this trouble, since spring is coming, i don't know if i still have to buy winter clothes or starting buying spring ones. I'm still attracted to boots but i know that in some weeks the weather will be hotter and  i'm probably not  going to wear them anymore. 

I already have a couple things in my wish list, a pair of boots, a watch and a bag. Now all i have to do is to rake together some money because these items are pretty much expensive for me (i would like to remind you that i don't have a job anymore). See, this could be another "to do thing": find a new JOB.

By the way, i think i will miss my cozy sweaters and coats, my warm boots and beanies, i'll miss sipping hot beverages, watching movies under duvet, but at the same time i can't wait for summer to come. i'm determined to travel a lot this summer, and also in september me and my boyfriend are planning to go to Paris, Berlin or Dublin. We still have to choose and i'm so undecided, i love all these three cities.

Michela xx
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  1. I love what you've picked here, all of this pictures are my inspiration for the coming season, specially checked and oversized everthing (and i've been looking for the perfect pair of metalic detail boots for over a year).

    1. thank you, i found metalic detail boots at H&M, you should check them out :)

  2. Some lovely outfits posted here :) x



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