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Saturday, March 15, 2014

Favorite body lotion plus #NOTD

Vanilla, vanilla, vanilla,what an amazing nature's gift, at least for me. I'm pretty sure i like everything that is made with vanilla, from vanilla ice creams to body lotions. Actually, i want to to talk about the last one. What you see in the picture above, is my favorite body lotion that i've ever tried. It does its job very well because it moisturizers my skin really well and it leaves the perfect smell on my body that really last long. If you close your eyes and smell it, it feels like you are on an exotic beach Unfortunately it was a gift and i don't know where they bought me this marvel but i can tell you that this is from the brand Nature's . I have to say that this cosmetic brand produces pretty good products even if i tryed few products of their. The packaging contains 100 ml of product that for me is not enough because i really do like mosturizing my body a lot. I love when , after having a bath (especially) or a shower, it's time to choose what body lotion you're going to apply on your skin. I always don't know what to choose because i would like to save this one to make it last longer because as i said before the product is not enough FOR ME and i don't want to finish it. 

Since spring time is coming (yaaaaaaaaaay) i wanted my nails to have a pastel but not striky colour so i opted for this beautiful creamy colour from Maybelline color show . It last on my nail for a week and it is a goal for my nails since a nail polish on me lasts no longer than 4 days :( 

I'm so excited for spring to come, i can't wait to wear brighter colours, dresses but most of all i don't want to wear coats and gloves anymore (even if i don't wear gloves from one month i think). Since i'm always cold, i love for the hotter season to come. Actually, now that i'm thinking about it, the days should pass slower since i'm not ready for my dress rehearsal, but that's an another stuff!!

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  1. Love the nail colour. It isn't something I'd have purchased myself but it actually looks really good.


    1. At first i thought i had another effect on the nails, i thought i was more salmon-y, instead it is i light beige, but it's ok because i like it as well!! :)

  2. Mi sono innamorata del tuo smalto!! Che numero è? Ho pochissimi smalti Maybelline, sopratutto ultimamente sto utilizzando più che altro smalti Kiko, ma vista la durata del tuo, vale assolutamente la pena di provare questa linea :)


  3. Hello lovely, just came across your blog and it's awesome.. I am your newest follower! :)

    Great post, thanks for sharing!

    I have a new post about my recent holiday to Barcelona, I'd love to hear what you think! :)





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