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Saturday, February 22, 2014


Helloooo, i finally finished my exams, that means i have more spare time (yeeeeeeey). I get up later in the morning and i don't have any thougths about exams,university and so on, I prepare my breakfast and enjoy it while i watch some you tube videos.

Today, i spent all morning on Polyvore, i looked at some collections and creations made by people i follow and decided to pick some items to create my wish list that is not ready yet but i will show you it when it'll be ready. I can say that in some minutes i'm going to buy one item of my wishlist. I'm really addicted to this site because it is really helpful and i love it.

In the picture you can se my last creation and, well, do you see that messenger bag, i absolutely have to buy it because i need it ( no, i don't need it, but if i own it i will be the happiest girl ever). If you would like to follow my profile, this is the LINK .

Let me know in the comments below if you got a profile on polyvore so i can follow you.
Love, Michela xx.

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