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Monday, February 17, 2014

Peanut butter addicted

Hey my sweet readers, now here it is 11:37 AM (Rome, Italy). In the afternoon i'm going to have an university exam and i'm sooooo nervous. So i decided that maybe i can distract my self writing about my last food addiction PEANUT BUTTER. I used to eat it a lot of time ago, but now my addiction is return, belive me, there is no day i can live without eating it. I tend to eat it always in different ways because i'm afraid that i will be sick of it (i don't think it would happen, but i want to prevent it).

Last day for example i decided to eat it in a healthy way, dipping an APPLE into it. Most of you would think that this is not so delicious, but you have to try it. I let the peanut butter melt (so that i don't use much of it for the entire apple and because it's more delicious). I loved the contrast between the sweetness of the apple and the saltiness of the peanut. I also would like to try different recipes with this magic ingredient for example i would like to make cookies or cakes. 

By the way in few hours i have to go to university, and i hope this exam will be a succes, because i really need it. I hope you'll have an amazing day, let me know in the comments below some healthy way to use peanut butter.

Michela xxx

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