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Monday, February 10, 2014

My life through instagram #2

Christmas in Bondi Beach\\ My mentores \\ a night gown that my mom bought me \\ Abbey road mug bought in London \\ breakfast after blood test \\ huge dinner \\ sushi made by me \\ ananas dessert \\ random selfie

First of all, i'm sorry that almost all the pictures happened to be about food but i can't help it, i'm a food addict and i love capturing it. These are quite old pictures because as i said in the last post, my computer has been broken for about 3 weeks so i didn't update a lot. I found recently , through a blood test, that i got a lot of food intolerances some of them are: milk, cocoa, eggs and coffe. I'M DEVASTATED, that means that i can't eat cakes, unless i make some vegan dessert recipes but what makes me angry the most is the fact that in the morning i used to drink a big cup of cappuccino and for me it was not the same thing starting my day without drinking it. But i have to say that day by day i'm getting more used to this new routine. Apart from food, i'm still studing hard for my university exams but i'm exsausted, i need a break!!

Today i went to a beauty fair, i bought a body cream but i was tempted to buy some nail polishes (there were china glaze nailpolishes for 2Euros O.O) but since i don't paint my nails so often i decided to resist. Actually it's because i hate that in 2 days my nail polish starts to fade away, it's really annoing. I hope to be back soon with new posts even if i'm really busy but i swear i will work hard just for you :)

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  1. Your blog is very inspiring, i really love it.

    Have a wonderful day.



    1. awww, thank you so much for your words Kelly, i really appreciate them.

      Lots of kisses <3<3



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