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Wednesday, February 26, 2014


Hello my readers, i open this post writing that after finishing my university exams, i finally spent a relaxing week. I didn't anything in particular,but that's what i needed, doing NOTHING. Plus, weather here in rome is perfect, sunny and warm during the day and and cool during the evening. By the way i'm dreaming of summer, and i already bought a summer skirt that i'll show you in another post!!

Lately, i've been loving taking pictures about interior decorations, and these are two lovely cactus (and i don't know what the other one is) candles. These are not mine but i "stole" this picture from a friend bathroom. I think they are perfect for that room.

These 3 items are the stuff that i always wear. I can't go out of my home without having them. Eyerings from Liu jo, watch from Casio, and ring present of my boyfriend for our 5 years engagement <3

See, even in that picture I'm wearing my casio, and i swear i'm wearing eyerings and ring too 

I downloaded a new app to edit pictures, it is called Afterlight and i'm addicted to it now. Unfortunately it is not free but it costs only 89 cents. Also it has tons of filtres you can play with.

This is a picture i posted on instagram too. Coffee that me and my boyfriend bought when we were in London. We went there in September, the weather was cold (at least for me) and sipping this hot beverage was really pleasant. I told my boyfriend that i want to came  back to London, maybe he will satisfy my dream. Cross your fingers for me.

As i told you before, yesterday i went shopping and i bought a skirt. I was actually tring to find a perfect jeans blouser but i didn't find it. My wallet is glad for that.

My best friend bought me this cute candle since she knows that i'm addicted to candles, especially yankee candles. It smells like lavander and i love it

And last but not least, on sunday i visited my grandparents, we play cards all day  and i absolutely LOVE it. I could spend hours playing cards with them, and i know they would do the same with me :)

Michela xx

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