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Wednesday, February 26, 2014


Hello my readers, i open this post writing that after finishing my university exams, i finally spent a relaxing week. I didn't anything in particular,but that's what i needed, doing NOTHING. Plus, weather here in rome is perfect, sunny and warm during the day and and cool during the evening. By the way i'm dreaming of summer, and i already bought a summer skirt that i'll show you in another post!!

Lately, i've been loving taking pictures about interior decorations, and these are two lovely cactus (and i don't know what the other one is) candles. These are not mine but i "stole" this picture from a friend bathroom. I think they are perfect for that room.

These 3 items are the stuff that i always wear. I can't go out of my home without having them. Eyerings from Liu jo, watch from Casio, and ring present of my boyfriend for our 5 years engagement <3

See, even in that picture I'm wearing my casio, and i swear i'm wearing eyerings and ring too 

I downloaded a new app to edit pictures, it is called Afterlight and i'm addicted to it now. Unfortunately it is not free but it costs only 89 cents. Also it has tons of filtres you can play with.

This is a picture i posted on instagram too. Coffee that me and my boyfriend bought when we were in London. We went there in September, the weather was cold (at least for me) and sipping this hot beverage was really pleasant. I told my boyfriend that i want to came  back to London, maybe he will satisfy my dream. Cross your fingers for me.

As i told you before, yesterday i went shopping and i bought a skirt. I was actually tring to find a perfect jeans blouser but i didn't find it. My wallet is glad for that.

My best friend bought me this cute candle since she knows that i'm addicted to candles, especially yankee candles. It smells like lavander and i love it

And last but not least, on sunday i visited my grandparents, we play cards all day  and i absolutely LOVE it. I could spend hours playing cards with them, and i know they would do the same with me :)

Michela xx

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Saturday, February 22, 2014


Helloooo, i finally finished my exams, that means i have more spare time (yeeeeeeey). I get up later in the morning and i don't have any thougths about exams,university and so on, I prepare my breakfast and enjoy it while i watch some you tube videos.

Today, i spent all morning on Polyvore, i looked at some collections and creations made by people i follow and decided to pick some items to create my wish list that is not ready yet but i will show you it when it'll be ready. I can say that in some minutes i'm going to buy one item of my wishlist. I'm really addicted to this site because it is really helpful and i love it.

In the picture you can se my last creation and, well, do you see that messenger bag, i absolutely have to buy it because i need it ( no, i don't need it, but if i own it i will be the happiest girl ever). If you would like to follow my profile, this is the LINK .

Let me know in the comments below if you got a profile on polyvore so i can follow you.
Love, Michela xx.

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Monday, February 17, 2014

Peanut butter addicted

Hey my sweet readers, now here it is 11:37 AM (Rome, Italy). In the afternoon i'm going to have an university exam and i'm sooooo nervous. So i decided that maybe i can distract my self writing about my last food addiction PEANUT BUTTER. I used to eat it a lot of time ago, but now my addiction is return, belive me, there is no day i can live without eating it. I tend to eat it always in different ways because i'm afraid that i will be sick of it (i don't think it would happen, but i want to prevent it).

Last day for example i decided to eat it in a healthy way, dipping an APPLE into it. Most of you would think that this is not so delicious, but you have to try it. I let the peanut butter melt (so that i don't use much of it for the entire apple and because it's more delicious). I loved the contrast between the sweetness of the apple and the saltiness of the peanut. I also would like to try different recipes with this magic ingredient for example i would like to make cookies or cakes. 

By the way in few hours i have to go to university, and i hope this exam will be a succes, because i really need it. I hope you'll have an amazing day, let me know in the comments below some healthy way to use peanut butter.

Michela xxx

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Monday, February 10, 2014

My life through instagram #2

Christmas in Bondi Beach\\ My mentores \\ a night gown that my mom bought me \\ Abbey road mug bought in London \\ breakfast after blood test \\ huge dinner \\ sushi made by me \\ ananas dessert \\ random selfie

First of all, i'm sorry that almost all the pictures happened to be about food but i can't help it, i'm a food addict and i love capturing it. These are quite old pictures because as i said in the last post, my computer has been broken for about 3 weeks so i didn't update a lot. I found recently , through a blood test, that i got a lot of food intolerances some of them are: milk, cocoa, eggs and coffe. I'M DEVASTATED, that means that i can't eat cakes, unless i make some vegan dessert recipes but what makes me angry the most is the fact that in the morning i used to drink a big cup of cappuccino and for me it was not the same thing starting my day without drinking it. But i have to say that day by day i'm getting more used to this new routine. Apart from food, i'm still studing hard for my university exams but i'm exsausted, i need a break!!

Today i went to a beauty fair, i bought a body cream but i was tempted to buy some nail polishes (there were china glaze nailpolishes for 2Euros O.O) but since i don't paint my nails so often i decided to resist. Actually it's because i hate that in 2 days my nail polish starts to fade away, it's really annoing. I hope to be back soon with new posts even if i'm really busy but i swear i will work hard just for you :)

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Saturday, February 8, 2014

I'm back

I'm sorry if i've been absent lately but my computer has been broken for 3 weeks. So i decided to take a break from every electronic devices (except for my phone of course) and i wanted to study hard for my university exams. Now my computer is back and i think that my study time is almost gone hahaha. There are so much things that i would like to tell you but i will do it in other posts.

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