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Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Need a break

Today's a rainy day. It reflects my life lately. I'm working and studing hard, and that make me enjoy my spare time even more. Even if i'm physically tired, I'm trying not to stop doing what i love for example hanging out with friends and boyfriend, shopping, relaxing, going to the cinema (i really love doing it), go out fot dinner and so on. Unfortunately, my university exams session is going to start so i have to study harder than i'm doing now and i will have less time for my self, but i have to think positive: IT WILL END ahahah. This morning i had an enjoyable breakfast with my mom at our favourite bar and i really needed it. I love spending time with my mom :) Also i have to say that breakfast is my favorite meal of the day. It is fundamental because if you eat the right food it gives you the strenght to go through the day. It is not breakfast for me if i don't drink my cup of cappuccino, I'm not a coffee addicted but a cappuccino addicted if youre asking what is the difference, well i can't explain it but there are some ahahah.

I also love nightgown and lately my mom bought me one that you can see in the picture above with this beautiful panda hood :) I LOVE IT.

Michela xx
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