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Thursday, December 19, 2013

My favourite foundation

Today's post is about my favourite foundation. It's the Maybeline Dream Mat Mousse. As it's name says, it's a mousse, and that's what i like the most because it is not heavy at all. So, since my face does not bear heavy and oily foundations, it is the best i could ask for. Actually, i don't apply it all over my face because i don't think i need foundation, but i just apply it on my redness. Also, it is vey cheap, i payed it just 8 Euros, and i think it's super cheap for this brand. If i can give you an advice, try not to use heavy foundations, they can damage your skin. When i decided not to use them, i started applying mineral foundations and i have to say that my skin completely changed. Now, as i said before,i don'y need to use foundations at all and it's a benefitt because my skin can breath and i earned time in the morning. Usually the foundation step took me half of the time i used to put my make up on, because i think that if you have a good base you don't need to put any more make up on. Sometimes i see girl with a baaaaad foundation base, both because they applied it too much, because the color didn't match their natural one and both because it was not well blended.

The color is 21 nude Beige Suave, it's a light color but not the lightest. I used to use it as a concealer, and i have to say thay did his job very well.Sure, i have to apply a liquid concealer on it because I want an additional coverage but if your dark circle are not too dark it is perfect!

Let me know in the comments below if you're using it and what you think about it!

Michela xx

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