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Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Hello December

Weeeeeeeel, i've never written a blog post about a month of the year but DECEMBER is my favourite one!. I'm quite sure i'm not the only one who has this thought. :D

I just have to do a list about the things that make me love December:

- on the 5th of december is my birthday
- We decorate our houses for Christmas
- The streets are all decorated for Christmas
- I always sip hot beverages (especially hot chocolate, cappuccino and tea)
-I eat a lot during Christmas festivities especially sweet treats (nom nom nom)
- i can exchange Christmas gifts with people i love
- I love Christmas songs
- I stay with my relatives
- We celebrate New Year

There are more reasons why i love December but i didn't want my post to be too long (ahhahaha)

Talking about foot i love eating homemade treats, especially my Grandma's. I'm from Italy and it's a traditon for us during Christmas festivities to eat Pandoro and Panettone. I personally prefere Pandoro!


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