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Saturday, November 9, 2013

What's in my i phone

Hey girls, as the title says, i would like to show you what are my favourite IPhone apps . I think this kind of posts are really intersting because reading other girls' post made me discover new helpful apps that i didn't know before.

One app that i'm addicted to is INSTAGRAM. As soon as i wake up in the morning i have to check my instagram to see my friends' photos.
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After checking instagram, I go on FACEBOOK to see what's going on. The other application you see beside Facebook, is ITUBE. it's my favorite music app. Thanks to it, you can download and save on your phone you yube's videos. Most of all, I like to download music videos.


YOU TUBE is another of my favorite apps. When i have some spare time, i like lying on the couch or in bed and watching my favorite videos.
Then there's BLOGLOVIN, Omg i really love that app, i like reading blog posts, i usually read make up and recipe posts. I'm addicted to it. if you want follow my blog on bloglovin here.
Sync.ME is an app that allow you to use your friends' facebook profile pictures for the incoming call.
You already know what SHAZAM is, but i only want to tell you that this is a MUST HAVE app.
TunIN Radio is another of my favourite apps. With this app you can listen to the radio stations all around the world.

I don't have many games on my iphone, i only got The Simpsons Tapped Out, Cards games and sudoku

Let me know if you have other useful apps.
Miki xx


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