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Sunday, November 10, 2013

Sunday Funday + New Sweater

I usually hate sunday (especially when i have nothing to do and i stay at home for the entire day) but today i changed my idea on it. Yes because today has been a lively day: i woke up early (actually i woke up at 9 but considering that i went to bed at 3 am i can consider this hour as early hahah), i've met a friend of mine, we went around the city (Rome) and although we had a long walk, we put aside some energy to have our daily dose of

I bought this lovely sweater ( H&M ), i took it in a size L because i would like it to be cozy and warm. I really like that colour because i think that it represents the Autumn\Winter. I think that i'll buy a pair of burgundy trousers to match them with a white or cream sweater.

Maybe you're wondering where we took all our energy to walk for so long. Well, the answer is quite easy, we had an energizing breakfast. Since we are two real Italians, we ate CAPPUCCINO + CORNETTO. While i'm writing this post, i wish i could have another breakfast like that. 

As soon as i returned home, i decided to do my nails and i painted them FIERY RED. Well, i think that red is the favourite colour i like to have on my nails.

And this is me after a loooooong and exausting day (i had to took off my contact lents because my eyes were burning), and even if now i'm super tired, i really enjoyed this day. I think i need to have days like this more often.

Miki xx

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