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Thursday, November 28, 2013

Hart of Dixie

Hey girls, I'm sorry if i've been absent, but this period has been really tough, i had a lot of things to do and the most important thing that took most of my time is that i GOT A NEW JOB (yeeeeee). Even if i hadn't much spare time, i found time to watch my favourite tv shows. One of these is "Hart of dixie". Apart from the show in itself, I like to watch it because of my favourite girl RACHEL BILSON. I started loving her from the O.C. She's sweet, she's talented and i love her voice (hahaha).This tv show takes place in Bluebell, Alabama. 

I just started watching the second season (i think i'm at the second episode). I have to admit that i didn't like so much the first season because there were not so many troubles, gossips or things like that. (That's what i like in a tv show, and it's not a coincidence that my absolute favorite tv show is GOSSIP GIRL ahahahah). Buuuuut the second season is "spicy". Finally zoe is falling in love and i like the fact that she is desputed between George and Wade. There's a problem: George is engaged with Lemon for 15 years!. (i will not say anything else about it just in case you haven't seen the second season yet). I also love the frendship between Zoe and Lavon Hayes, the Major of Bluebell. 
I really recommend you to watch it because it worth it, It helps me to relax after a long day and i really enjoy it. 
Let me know in the comments below if you like it even if i'm sure that you will do.

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