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Monday, October 14, 2013

You should definitely put a scarf on

Sometimes, when i wear something simple as jeans plus a t-shirt, i always like to embellish the style adding a beautiful scarf. That makes your simple look more sophisticated and maybe colorfull or classy if you want. I think that is what fashion means: turn simple things into something particular. I also like to play with colors, for example i like to wear in black or white an then add an accessory for example a particular necklace, big earring, a SCARF, but at the contrary when I wear something particular i prefer not to wear too many thing.

Look for example how the simple style of Britney Spears is enriched with a scarf. She decided not to play with colors but with skulls. The other pictures show different coats and jackets matched with scarves that complete the look.

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  1. Love this post! I couldn't agree more. I always throw on a cute scarf when I'm about to head out now that it's getting a bit more chilly here in California. My favorite kind is the infinity scarf! :)



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