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Friday, October 4, 2013


             I'm sorry if i've been absent, but these days have been really tough    because  I had loads of university exams to do.

4 Ways to Amp Up Your Morning Toast
I just have to say that these stressful days really made me hungry. I don't know (and i really would like to know) why studing always makes me feel like this. I guess the only solution should be stop studing LOL. By the way these exams really went well and i'm so happy about it.


I didn't shopped a lot lately but i've bought two items that i'm really loving. My new BB Cream by garnier is amazing. It's everything that i always wanted. It's not heavy as a normal foundation and it's super easy to apply. I think I'll do a reviw about it but first i want to use it for more days.

I got my BB Creme on. 

Now i leave you with my favorite song of the moment

Miki xxxx

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  2. Lovely blog :) Banana and peanut butter on toast is the best combination ever!x



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