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Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Our London Trip Part 1

Some weeks ago i went to London with my boyfriend. We decided to go there because we wanted to see Macklemore&Ryan Lewis' concert. We stayed in there for 5 days and i think it was enough to visit the whole city. We live in Italy so the flight was 2 hours long, landed in Stansted, took a bus for Liverpool Streed and went to Bow Road where our house was. I have to say that we WALKED a lot, at the end of the day i was always super tired and my feet were always burning and hurting (i don't even want to think about it). Beside all this feet hurting we saw amazing monuments,streets, pubs, shops and so on.
 This was a little house near ours and i took a picture of it because it was lovely and i thought "One day i would like to own a little house like that". I don't know if it's never going to happen because i don't think in Rome (where i live) a house like this exists.
                                   As i said before we walked a lot but i enjoyed every thing i saw.
My lovely boyfriend

I hope you enjoyed my little diary and i can't wait to post the second part.

Miki xx
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  1. Lovely pictures. I'm hoping to have a trip to London in the summer xx

    1. I hope you'll have fun, i think that london in summer is way better than in september!

  2. Wow! You flew out to London for a concert, now that's dedication! Lovely how you made it into a longer trip then and got to see the city! :) xx

  3. Thank you, It was fun to travel to another country just to follow your favourite singer!



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