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Monday, September 23, 2013

Fried Ice Cream

This is the first recipe that I post on my blog. Since i really love cooking, i thought: "Why do not post one of the recipes i've made?" I especially love cooking desserts because it's the best part of the meal and because when i know that there's a dessert, i can't wait to finish my meal to eat it.

The recipe i recommend you is the "Fried Ice Cream". Just hearing its name my mouth starts watering LOL.

I start telling you that it's SUPER EASY so everyone can do it. 
I used only two ingredients:
-puff pastry
-ice cream ( i used the cream flavour one but you can use whatever you like the most)

First of all, you're gonna need to take your puff pastry and cut it into two halves, and every half into 3 rectangles. Than you're gonna place a ball of ice cream into every rectangle and close it.
Meanwhile into a pot, with a medium to low temperature, heat the oil untill it's well hot, then add the pastry into the hot oil and let it cook untill brown.

You're ready to serve.



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