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Saturday, September 14, 2013

Back to normal

Hey girls, I'm back (unfortunately). London has been AMAZING, everything was beautiful from the streets, monuments, PEOPLE (they're all so kind and ready to help you), shops, TUBE (every corner of London is linked to an underground stop) to caf├Ęs. Weather wasn't good, it rained almost every day and even when it wasn't raining it was cloudy, but it really didn't matter. 

what i did every of these 5 days was walking. We walked about 6 km every day but it was not oppressive, I could have walked 5 km more because in every step i took there was something unique to admire.
The second to last day we allowed our self a "little bit" of shopping. At first i stopped to a beauty shop and i bought a nail polish, after that we went to PRIMARK and we bought anything possible in that shop. OMG I felt so happy. Later I'll do a new post and i'll show you everything i bought.

London is amazing, if you never went there you should probabily go!!
x x Miki

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